Edesia Catering and Event Planning’s team of experts is able to handle every aspect of your event from ideation to fruition, coordinating all of your catering, décor, lighting, floral and entertainment needs, creating a finely-tailored experience from start to finish.

According to our philosophy, cooking is a creative game! Our award winning Executive Chef and his team are ready to design menus, taking into consideration your needs and desires.

A fusion of high quality and fresh ingredients, from carefully selected suppliers, enable us to create an original, special and memorable taste.

Did you know that “Edes” means presence and blessings?

Edesia is the Roman Goddess of Food who presides over banquets. Together with Bibesia, the Goddess of Drink, Edesia ensured that the feast went well and the food was excellent.

Edesia is the numen, or divine spirit, of feasting, which was apparently considered a magical and important act by the Romans deserving of its own Goddess. Given the attention given to food preparation and feasting in Roman times, Edesia perhaps can be thought of as the patron Goddess of gourmet food.

Our Catering Services are provided with the ISO 22000 certification, which allows us to give our customers safe and quality food. Respect for food with an important food safety management system.

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    Honoring Culinary Art

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    Impressing Client’s Expectations

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    Maintaining Customer Oriented Philosophy

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    Efficient Time & Event Management